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Tastings of typical traditional products

Picnic in the Valley


Easyway Tour, in partnership with FAI – Kolymbethra Garden, offers you a unique experience in an unexpected location! In this little corner of paradise, nestled among the Greek Temples, and in the heart of the Valley of the Temples, you will find the Kolybethra Garden, a rare jewel that preserves the colours, flavours and smells of our land. In the shade of this wonderful orange grove, we will offer you a picnic with a difference, where you can enjoy tasting typical local products and excellent Sicilian specialties, all of which are of the highest quality, cultivated and produced with great care. Our menus are designed to accompany you as you explore our traditional recipes, all of which perfectly reflect the culinary and winemaking influences of the nations which dominated Sicily over the centuries. We can refine or modify our menus according to your needs (coeliac disease and food intolerances, vegan menu, vegetarian menu, etc).

Come with us to taste and enjoy authentic Sicilian flavours in this tranquil oasis of peace in Agrigento “the most beautiful city of mortals” (Greek poet Pindar).

Our Menù:

Vulcan Menu:
pecorino cheese and homemade jams; seasoned green olives; bread seasoned with oregano, olive oil, salt and pepper; “Sfincione” pizza with tomato salsa, anchovies, cheese, onion and oregano; “ammiscata” (traditional rolled focaccia bread) with olives and pork sausage; Wine and water.

Concordia Menu:
pecorino cheese and homemade jams; ricotta; dry sausage; caponata; seasoned green olives; sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil; bread seasoned with oregano, olive oil, salt and pepper; “Sfincione” pizza with tomato salsa, anchovies, cheese, onion and oregano; “arancine” rice balls filled with meat ragu’; sesame seed breadsticks; traditional sweet pastries with almond, custard or ricotta; Wine and water.

Bespoke Menu:
Based on your specific needs or wishes, we are happy to adapt or replace our menus, offering you a unique, bespoke experience.

The Garden

The Kolymbethra Garden is a marvellous example of a Mediterranean botanic garden. It was once a water reservoir for the ancient Greek city of Akragas, and in fact it was originally a swimming pool, supplied by a network of tunnels, which had been dug out by slaves captured in battle. Diodorus Siculus describes how the pool was, at a later stage, covered with earth and converted to arable land. In the final decades of the twentieth century the garden was completely abandoned, until 1999 when it was restored by FAI, which successfully reinstated its ancient splendour.

Currently the garden has an extension of around five hectares and includes a variety of plants including: citrus, carob, pistachios, mulberries, walnuts, pomegranates, bananas as well as almond trees, olive trees and the typical Mediterranean scrub with myrtle, laurel, brooms and dwarf palms.